Cannot cut through

Hi all, I try to cut a cupboard but everytime when I cut it did not cut through 3mm. I set my speed to 300, power to 80. I also try on a 0.5mm card stock, it also the same did not cut through (setting 400, power 60). Thank.

It sounds like something else might be happening there, since that should be plenty of power (possibly too much).
Can you cut successfully using the PG settings on the spare piece of draftboard they sent with your order?
If yes it may be your material - sometimes the glues they use to put things together aren’t laserable even if the rest of the material is.

Yes, I able to cut the proof grade material with no problem, but for this it alway the last layer that did not cut through. Also like to check for the focus height and material thickness is it the same? I try to increase the material thickness and focus height, it also left the last bit never go through.

will try it out Thank.

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I always start my cuts at full power and tweak the speed. Personally I would start full power and ~250 speed. But that’s just me. :slight_smile:

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When i cut 5mm plywood i run at full power speed 160. not sure if that is helpful or not

Not sure what a “cupboard” is made from, but suspect they meant cardboard.

Can you post some photos of the failed prints?

This will make the laser weaker, not stronger. The focus height is where the strongest part of the laser beam hits is focused - so if you want to try cutting something a 2nd time you should lower the focus height/material thickness, not increase it.
Increase in cutting comes from increasing power or lowering speed.