Cannot Edit Engrave/Cut Settings

Why can’t I change the settings for cutting and engraving when I choose proof grade material? I usually click the “Engrave” and then change the speed, power, etc. Now, I click and nothing happens. I restarted the app, the browser, the computer…nothing! I did just update my Mac today. Mayne that’s it? Or, is there something wrong with the website?

Actually, I can’t change the settings period. Even if I select “use uncertified material”.

This sounds like it could be a browser glitch. Can you try a different browser? What happens when you click on an operation? You aren’t getting a “no artwork” error are you? Are you clicking “manual”?

Your workflow needs to be:

  1. Load the artwork.
    Optional: choose your material.
  2. Click on the step.
  3. Select an action for each step from the four across the top of the slide-out panel.
  4. If you are using custom settings, you can select your custom settings. Otherwise, set your material and either choose the Proofgrade settings or set custom settings using the Custom button.

If you don’t have these options, a screenshot will be helpful so we can see what you are seeing.

I think I got it figured out. I didn’t have material in the machine. Oops. I thought I could make the changes before I put in the material. Guess not. Lol

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Thanks everyone! I thought I was going crazy, still not sure. Maybe I am! Lol

You can. I just checked the workflow without my laser even being on.

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