Cannot get anything printed!

Cannot seem to be able to print anything since yesterday. I upload my file (which I have successfully printed before), position it on the bed, and click the “Print” button. It goes through the “Preparing your Design” and “Scanning your Material” for a while, and then, the dialog box/status window disappears and nothing happens!

In case that might be an issue, I updated/upgraded my Mac OS and my browsers (Firefox) last night, reset the wifi and the router, but that doesn’t seem to have helped at all.

I NEED to be able to print now!!!

There are two other post out here where others are having the same issue. I too just had that issue twice and it seems like an issue maybe with their server and the processing of the design. It took me twice on one print and three on the other before i could print…

I’ve tried dozens of times and still nothing

Have you checked your WIFI connection just in case? I thought that might be my issue but wasn’t then checked my computer in case the issue was with the UI nothing there either…

So still thinking their server not processing the file and just kicking it out…

Yes, I checked the WIFI. Since others are experiencing similar issues all of a sudden, my bet is that their servers are either down or overloaded.

Having the same exact issue.
macOS High Sierra v10.13.4
iMac (27-inch, Mid 2011)
2.7 GHz Intel Core i5

Is anyone working on a fix??

There may be working on some updates so give it some time…

Hi, @rbrown - thanks for letting us know. We are looking into this issue and will let you know when we have an update.

Me too.

Thanks for your patience.

There is a problem with our software in handling very complex files, and it looks like that’s what’s happening here.

I extracted the logs from your Glowforge to investigate, and I see that the design includes a large number of individual nodes. I recommend using design software to reduce the number of nodes in your more complex design elements before trying again.

Let me know if this helps.

Can you offer any details on what “very complicated” means?

And please let the team know we could use better, more detailed error messages.

My files are super simple (a single vector shape) and I’m still having this issue, unless you mean someone with complex files is bogging down the server or something?

“includes a large number of individual nodes”

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If you open your own support ticket (by starting a new thread in Problems and Support) they’ll be able to look at your issue and give you individualized information. :slight_smile:

What does “large” mean? In numbers. Those are the details we need.

I am just observing that everything we think about what constitutes a reasonable file is a guess because they don’t divulge details. Your file is probably not to blame but it’s not like there is a written definition of “a large number.”

I suspect there’s no exact count that can be applied, since other file characteristics would likely also contribute to the complexity of a particular file. :slight_smile:

This page has some large number examples. :rofl:

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Then they could still give us a rule of thumb like “past X000 nodes your chances of failed motion planning will increase.”

Surely there is a middle ground between a complete specification of an a acceptable file and no information other than we should watch out for “large numbers” of nodes.

If I was at work and told my colleagues to beware of “large” numbers I’d be pressed for more information.

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@jfo and @GrooveStranger, since each support ticket can only address a single issue for a single user, you’ll have a better chance of getting your questions answered and finding the resolution of your own problems by opening your own tickets.