Cannot get "cancelling" to go away

I’ve rebooted computer, cleared my cache, turned the Glowforge off and unplugged but still can’t get the message for cancelling print to go away? Please help!! I’m new

Next step: try opening a new browser window, or try a different browser.

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I’ve tried Chrome and Safari…still says the same thing

The issue has to be with because I have accessed from 3 different browsers and I even logged on it from my work computer and it still says “cancelling”

I can’t think of anything else to suggest (sorry!), so I hope you have contacted Support with your issue.

That is a cloud-based issue, if using another device doesn’t solve it, then support is the only option to “clear” it.

We can debate the benefits and drawbacks of their system all day long, but it’s the unfortunate truth that when something goes wrong, there is often no other solution. A “reset:” function would certainly be handy.


Thank you…yes I have contacted support…I will see tonight if what they told me helps. Thanks guys!!

We are having the same issue! we have contacted support but haven’t heard back yet

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