Can't accept delivery

I keep getting: There was an issue with your submission. Please try again later

I have tried for a week now to accept delivery of one of my ordered glowforges.

I have tried Chrome, Edge, InternetExplorer, Safari - all newest versions. All giving me the same error.

I have received a boilerplate reply from support - and then stopped hearing from them.

Anyone in here, who knows what’s up?

And further: Why would I NOT want my pro glowforge delivered now? I have waited years, so…



The reason you might not want your GF delivered is because it does not yet do everything originally advertised. One big example is that the passthru slot is currently nothing more than a slot. There is no S/W to aid you in creating long projects. There are a bunch of other examples.

Advice: READ the offer email. Some people blindly hit accept without reading and then immediately come to the forum venting about missing capabilities.

That said… I like my Pro just fine and am looking forward to S/W improvements.


I think the issue is that he wants to accept delivery but the software won’t let him.


That’s spot on.
And when I tell support: “Just ship it, please” I am asked to solve issues with my browser.
Instead of just shipping it, please.

Understood your primary issue.

My response was solely because you also stated “Why would I NOT want my pro Glowforge delivered now?” Whether that was a tongue in cheek or a serious question, there are so, so many folks that fail to read the announcement email and then come to the forum shocked about what they didn’t know. Thought it would be useful to say it again for others that might read this thread.


Like everything GF software wise, it is a comedy of errors.

Ah, thanks. It was NOT a tongue in check. I had the impression that the hardware was finished.

Software is less of an issue for me. There is a good chance I’ll replace the controller for at least some of it’s lifetime. :wink:

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try entering MY home address, see if it works then


Still haven’t heard from support.

It does seem like a way to stall for time, doesn’t it?


I’m so sorry for the late response. I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.