Can't brush this off

Well in keeping with the sweat scrapers, the barn decided on giving out brushes (one brushes a horse to clean it, especially when it is too cold to hose them off), and that engraved brushes would be a nice gift for the upcoming dressage series. So the first one was a failure. The brushes have a stiff leather strap in the middle, and I taped it down. The brushes are taller than the honeycomb tray, so that worked out well, but the head will not clear the strap, so I taped it down. Not wanting to use gorilla tape as that might damage the leather, I used blue-tape. It popped off in the middle of the first brush… :cry: which caused the air assist nozzle to impact the piece, moving it mid-engrave…

(This was my fix test)

but then I used twine which was way more reliable and they came up super nice:

The second from the right has some residue on it from a price sticker. They were removed before I got them, but even with isopropyl and scrubbing I couldn’t get all the residue off. I didn’t want to use GooGone as those solvents would dissolve the finish of the brushes.


Gosh, they did indeed come out nice! Cool how a custom engrave can elevate almost anything to art status.


Would you mind sharing your source for these brushes? Thanks.

I believe they came from Dover saddlery

Thank you!

Scott Carroll | 504.669.0426


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Oh yes … very nice!!!

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