Sweatscraper Update

A couple of months back I got commissioned to make some bespoke wooden sweat scrapers (the squeegee you use to dry a horse after washing them)

I described it in this post:

The silent auction happened and one gentleman bought (won?) 4 for his horses. So I first had a to make a snapmark jig (these things are a weird spline curve). That’s when i discovered that snapmark had disappeared from the GFUI (thanks @jae for restoring it). The jig I created is like the pencil template but with ginormous pencils. And since the scrapers are 2 touchpoint due to their curve, it has holes in both ends.

One was insanely warped

Then I started engraving the real ones after making the jig out of draft board. For settings on the scrapers, I used Thick Draftboard settings, which worked very well. Whatever wood this is (the site claims bamboo, but doesn’t feel like bamboo) is pretty oily and so had some significant smoke staining, which sanded off nicely with 400grit random orbital sanding.

After sanding

They came out nice, although I forgot to measure for the hole in my jig to make sure that the letters didn’t go onto the hole (as you see in the “Girl Friday” one where the serif of the N in Niña intersects.

The purchaser didn’t want the CRDA logo on it so just the names. And the font for those who care is Adobe Typo Slab. And the customer wanted all-caps…

If for some reason you want to get the scrapers yourself (have a friend with a horse) - note they are not finished like in the product photo:


These are great … Love how we can personalize items so easily.

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Very cool project! Now everybody is gonna want a sweat scraper.

We have many horse on island, It’s seen as a source of prestige, but many never make it to the Horse Track. You see the kids riding them on the highway median. And many squatters building stables…

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There’s no way for me to un-learn that this exists.


Just learn new things until it gets buried somewhere inaccessible… or find some use for a sweatstick in your life.

Girl Friday for the win.:sunglasses::+1: