Can't choose a typeface? Simple font previewer

When you want to preview all your fonts quickly and easily…



That is handy.


Fantastic find and share – thanks!

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Oh, this is getting bookmarked for sure. Thanx, I have god only knows howmany fonts and this is going to be a big help.


OMGosh this is AMAZING!!! Of course, with the hundreds of fonts I have it’ll take me 30 minutes every time I want to preview things , but this is a great find. Thanks!

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Doesn’t load on my set up - ubuntu 14.04.
There is what looks like an Adobe Flash icon in the bottom left corner which is greyed out, possibly indicating I’m missing a plugin.
Any ideas ?

Can’t help with an Ubuntu plugin but it does require Adobe Flash and will ask to install it in your Chrome extensions if you don’t have it already on Windows so I expect there’s something similar needed for Ubuntu.

Thanks James, I’ll look at that. It does seem to be worth having.

I might instead investigate something native to Linux. A quick google yielded:

Completely unvetted, but Linux people should be used to figuring out weird software :slight_smile:


It can show a text using Google Fonts… Priceless.