Can't do a basic engrave

No idea why this just started. Nothing has changed in my config.

Either intermittent or had something to do with this image.


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The artwork content shouldn’t matter. Verify no air intake or exhaust blocked, all lenses/mirrors clean… that the head (or air assist, which hangs down a bit) didn’t bump a hold down pin or anything in its path… Then communication–maybe something “burped” and wifi was interrupted. Reboot and refresh & try again.

But for support to be the most beneficial, they can look at logs, but the more details you can provide, the easier & faster the trouble shooting…


I’m not having any problem with your image…print stopped can sometimes be a temperature issue - what temps are you operating in?

Imagery doesn’t matter at all and I’ve done much worse. (It’s not like someone at GF
is approving our images.) It’s usually temp or some other issue.

That was a weird one. I opened the image in Preview and re-exported as a new PNG, then it worked fine. I’ll try to take a moment to test w/the image tonight or tomorrow.

Now my friend has custom business cards. :wink:

I’m so glad to hear that you were able to print with this quick solution! I’ll close this topic for now, but if you run in to anymore trouble, please reach out to us at