Cant download free premium items even though I have paid for it

I have a premium account however am unable to download any of the free project files tht come with it (I cant even access the shop tab while logged into my account). I have tried multiple browsers to see if that was the issue and it doesnt help. Same issue every browser except for in chrome the pages to view the project files wont load at all.

-If I hover over the design and click “get design” I get a spinning circle icon that never goes away.

-If I click “more info” it opens up the product in a new window with a login button…

-If I login I get the error

" Something went wrong.

What happened?

Invalid Multipass request. The given email address is already used by another customer (with a different Multipass identifier).

What can I do?"

Im not sure what I should do but I would like to be able to access what I am paying for.

EDIT: I tried adding another user to my account with an unused email and giving that user access to my laser and premium account. I was then able to login and actually see the shop tab. However the products tell me I need to be a user or have premium to access it. The user I added literally is a user and has access to the premium account. In my owner account settings I can see the membership icon by the user I added.

Contact Glowforge support.


I did that first however they said they will email me so I wasn’t expecting a reply in a reasonable time to do my project today so I decided to ask the community in case there is something someone knows that would help me quicker.

It would be really nice if a support team member could reply or help being that the support tickets are going to the OLD email that is no longer suppose to be attached to my account even though I made the support ticket while logged into my current account. I have been trying to resolve the issue of emails being wrong since April and haven’t been able to access the shop.

I know it’s frustrating. Support does not monitor the forum though, so no one can really help you with that, here. When you sent your email to them, did you receive an automated response? If you did, then they will be in touch with you.

Try sending your email either directly from your email app on your computer or from the online site that you use for email…so that your correct email address will show to them.

Could be that when you contact support on the GF website that it only connects them with your incorrect email address connected with the account that they still use for you. I hope this makes sense…and I hope that it might get you out of that circle.


Thank you so much for your help. I was able to send an email to their support desk directly from my email. The auto reply email still shows the wrong info but that’s exactly what is happening. When I fill out the support form on the site the replies go to the other email that was associated with the account, which shouldn’t happen. I don’t have access to that email. We had the account ownership transferred over to me and had issues with my art work files and subscription showing up back in April. It was never completely resolved which is annoying I’ve had the machine coming up a year in Feb and have never been able to use something I paid for. Outside of uploads being “moved to the front of the line” I have been unable to use any other premium features I am paying for.

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