Can't find Inventables Coupon Code

I received my GF and all it’s boxes this week (yay!), but I cannot find a code anywhere for my $50 Inventables gift certificate. I have the emails that show shipping of the main boxes, but nothing for the proofgrade materials, and I have heard that’s where the code is. In fact, that box showed up as a surprise. I have thoroughly looked through all my email, including junk email box, but it’s nowhere to be found. Please help, how can I access my Inventables gift certificate?

Mine was at the end of the in the shipping email for the glowforge provided materials

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Yeah, that’s the email I cannot find. I hope there’s another way to find the code. Thanks.

In my case I got the email a few days after the materials arrived. If you just got the materials it might still be on the way

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Good to know; I’ll try to be patient!

Keep in mind that the coupon probably won’t work (too old), but if you send an email to inventables they will fix it in no time :slight_smile:


I had inadvertently let my coupon expire, but when I contacted Glowforge support, they very kindly sent me a new code. I used it right away so I wouldn’t lose it again.


If it helps, the title of the email with the code is "Your Proofgrade materials are on their way!"
The code will be near the phrase "Here is your very own $50 Inventables gift code."
If you’re using gmail, this should be super easy to find.


Thanks for letting us know @carol. I’d love to help!

Can you write in to We’ll reply back there with your unique $50 Inventables code.