Can't find Spaceship Birthday centerpiece

Please help me locate Spaceship Birthday centerpiece.

We have an observatory, and a gift shop and this item would be neat to sell.

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Are you referring to the Space Shuttle Discovery model?

No, look on the opening Glowforge page and scroll down and you will see a birthday centerpiece that is a rocket ship


Oh that hasn’t been released yet that I’m aware of. There are a ton of similar designs on Etsy and other sites though.

thank you

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Usually, I’m incapable of envy. But that Takahashi scope causes a slight twinge.

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Thanks for your kind words. We have 2 research grade telescopes, the incredible PlaneWave20 and Lunt 152, solar scope. And I do love the Tak but I have to tell you the Astro-Physics 175 rules. I’ve been told there has been 8 year waiting list for Astro-Physics. Legendary scopes. Hope you can visit observatory if you are in the neighborhood. By the way, I’ll be making a lot of astronomy themed Christmas ornaments with Glowforge. Bought a bunch of vectors from Shutterstock. See ya.

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Thanks for the answer @ekla, that’s right. Unfortunately, we haven’t finished adding every design from the video to the catalog yet. I’m going to close this thread now.