Can't save Illustrator file as SVG file

Hi all! I have read a few topics and can’t seem to troubleshoot to my problem. I am hoping one you are smarter than me and could help!

I want to turn an png into a file that I can cut out on my glowforge. I uploaded the file to Adobe Illustrator, embedded the image, traced the image, set my view to outline. This is where I get stuck. It saves fine as an AI file. Then I try to save as an svg and it appears to save but then when I exit out of illustrator and try to open the file, it is blank. I have tried saving as a PDF as well as exporting as both PNGs and SVGs. I have tried changing the decimals. Still no luck. Same thing is happening with other images I am hoping to cut.

I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Has anyone else ran into this problem or know AI enough to know where I am going wrong? I would be very appreciative of your help.

I have uploaded both the png and my AI file.

Flowers (980.1 KB)

After you trace the image you have to hit the “expand” button in the top menu bar to make it true paths. (in your AI file the the artwork is showing as a trace object)

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Thank you thank you thank you! You are the best!

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I’m sorry for the trouble when trying to save your SVG files. It’s great to see that the advice that @ekla provided helped! I’ll go ahead and close this topic.

If you run into trouble again, or have any questions for our team, please reach out and we’ll be happy to assist you.