Can't Scroll Down Through Designs

I’ve just logged in since the new dashboard design. On the My Designs folder, I can only manage to scroll a few pages down before it shows an empty page and jumps right back up to the top. I have tons of designs. If I search for my designs I can still see them but I need to see them in All Designs so I can move them to my own design folder.

Windows 10, Chrome browser.

Mine is doing this, too.

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At least I’m not alone. Are you using the same browser?

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I’m using Chrome on a MacBook Pro
Version 104.0.5112.101 (Official Build) (x86_64)

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Upping this because I can’t access most of my library. I’ve tried it in chrome and another browser from my phone and it’s the same thing. The library only scrolls several pages and jumps back to the top.

I got it to work a little more (instead of scrolling quickly, I scrolled slowly and paused when it got to the bottom of the thumbnails). But if you are having problems that are preventing you from being able to access your designs, you’ll have to email support directly.They don’t monitor this forum. We are all just users here.

You could try searching by name if you know what the files are named, that might help.


Thank you. I do the slow scrolling too, but it does stop and jump to the top every time. I have so much in my library there is no way to remember everything. I do save all my files outside of the glowforge app, but the app saves the settings too so there’s that.

Anyone having issues needs to open a support ticket, they don’t monitor these forums and there’s nothing other users here can do to help.

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Thanks, I did. But it never hurts to try here also, in case someone has had the same problem resolved.

Having the same issues here too. I hate having to spend time trying to run down where they (hopefully) have moved my work. I truly dislike having to try to fix problems caused by unneeded and unasked for “improvements”! ( And before someone asks, yes I am a Premium member, and I sent the same complaint to support!)


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