Can't setup

Got my Glowforge!
Everything looked great when I picked it up.
Setting everything up was supper easy and going well until I got to the calibration.
I can see the Wi-Fi but nothing happens when I connect to it.
At that point I also realized the print head has never mover.
If I understand it should more when you turn it on right?

Sent a e-mail out to support but thought I would to see if anyone else experienced the same problem and it was just something simple/user error!
Hope you all had a Great Thanks Giving!

It will only move when it connects to the cloud because the cloud computes all motion plans. It needs an internet connection.

When it first powers up, or if you hold down the button until it turns teal, it generates a Wifi access point. You connect to that and configure it to connect to your network. Once you do that it no longer generates the access point.


Also, usually takes 30-60 seconds or so before the head will move for calibration after you have the proper connection. The first time it may calibrate multiple times. On mine, it calibrated, I ran a quick cut and it calibrated again afterward. Possibly due to an update of some sort. But there is no way for us to know.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.