Can't wait for the Glowforge


I just could not wait any longer so I went out & bought a new Dewalt scroll saw. See attached picture. You see I’m retired & I need to keep busy so I felt the scroll saw is a close 2nd or 3rd to the Glowforge. Sure is grand that I’m making things. The Dewalt is easy to use and I really want to get involved doing Intarsia. Using the scroll saw really spikes my want for my Glowforge. I know the possibilities will be endless. Anyway I just wanted to see if anyone else thinks the same as me. Keep busy everyone and as you know if your an hour early you will never be late.


Great tool, and the black box behind it is so cool too!


Nice toy to play with while you wait! :smiley:


Hehehe, I bought one too! (except mine is a Harbor Freight special) :sunglasses:
That and their disc/belt sander.


I have a Craftsman that I have used for years. It is probably equivalent to a HF. I just needed to upgrade to a better saw. I really love the Dewalt. I’m going to convert the Craftsman into a scroll sander, to sand into those small areas of my projects.


Good idea! :+1:


I have a Dewalt scroll saw too, although mine is an older model. You might want to get a foot pedal to go with your saw. I found it handy when I was doing my intarsia. :relaxed:


Whatcha’ Makin’ ?:slight_smile:


I’ve got a cheapjack scrollsaw, but I still love it. It’s got a bigger kerf than a gf, but then it cuts much thicker materials…


Grats on the new toy!


I have a thread where I talk about how I earned a lot of respect for S.S. users…


Nice DeWalt :slight_smile: I need to repair mine – I’ve got a 70’s Dremel 1671 scroll that I used on my flatpack Xmas trees a couple years back before I started lasering, but when I went to use it again this year I discovered I worked it so hard last time that I wore out the big rubber washer on the tension knob, and now it hops around like an off-balance clothes dryer :grimacing:



Too much coffee.


:open_mouth: What amazes me the most about this video is just how long it manages to stay functional – I’d almost want to own it (if it weren’t so destroyed by the end) – btw, this is EXACTLY what my Dremel did the last time I set it up on the workbench…@jbv nailed it.


Hey David thanks for the idea, I bought one from Harbor Freight & it works great.


I have one of these too! Great for some things, less good for others. Struggles with harder woods. Or at least my accuracy using this scroll saw with 3/4" oak is not so hot.

I had the pleasure recently of using it’s older brother, a Delta bandsaw - it was amazing. The amount of curved wood cuts I was able to do, and in almost no time! No super tight corners like on a scroll, but man! I cut out 40 arc-shaped pieces of 5/4 x 8 stock in under 40 minutes! And it was my first time using the thing. It was a religious experience.




Easily one of the best scroll saws ever made in my opinion!! :slight_smile:


I have a hard time with a scroll saw, too. Maybe I’m not tightening the blade enough? It seems to want to veer off track by itself.