Canvas Pet Portraits

I have been working with flat panel canvas and Gimp and Inkspace and producing art from photographs. I am specializing in pet portraits. I think they come out cool! Using the proofgrade basswood settings and draft graphic preset. It engraves an 8 x 10 in about 38 minutes. Here are some samples I have done for customers. Comments welcome!


Great engraves and I look forward to ruining some basswood until I achieve your mastery…


looks like you will have a thriving business.


They’re all great, but that last one has so much depth to the engraving!


Love it! I bought some canvas a few weeks ago and never got a chance to try this. Clearly, it’s effective! Yea! I’ll have to show my pet grooming daughter. Wonderful photos too.

Thank you for introducing me to a different materiel to use on the Glowforge. Your final prints are fantastic!


These are FANTASTIC! Well done!

These are fantastic. You might have pushed me over the edge to try out some stuff on the canvas I have laying around.

Spectacular results! Very realistic looking! :grinning:

Amazing! I really must try this. I have used the laser to do silhouette cutouts on canvas but never thought to try engraving. Your engravings are absolutely wonderful!

These look really great. The detail level is fantastic.
Is the canvas raw or pre-primed?

Those are beautiful – the detail is really lovely.

Gorgeous! Love how it looks you’ve done some tea stain or otherwise get a sepia tone on the background of the horse.

I have to ask, were these the gesso coated panels? (as most art/craft stores carry). So the laser is etching thru that layer, or is it etching the fibers, too?
I’m sure getting too deep could weaken the canvas itself & so having right settings is critical–bet less risk of canvas failure if it’s applied to panel, vs. stretched on a frame!


Really good detail. Very well done.:sunglasses:


These are so good! Your file prep is really spot on on well done. I love using the Canson Art Boards like below, is that the same stuff you are using?


No, I buy flat panels from Michaels, their brand, That art is beautiful!

Thanks, it’s nice to be friends with a very talented comic book artist :slight_smile: I’ll have to check out the Michael’s board, it looks like the texture might be a bit finer.

Wow, so beautiful. Thank you for sharing. Bella!

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