Cardboard Dog Costumes



Ok, this human clearly needs a Glowforge.


I’ll say! ROFL! (Do rather like #8 though…poor puppy!) :smile:


What dogs put up with to please their humans. Think how she could annoy her dog, if she had a GF. Send her your referral link! - Rich


I say we have a contest once we all have our GF to do something like this with our pets ( a photo prop pic) !! :smile_cat:


I don’t have enough blood.


Much to my wife’s chagrin, I don’t allow our dog to be “dressed up”. That dog looks miserable!


And that poor pooch deserves a few dog treats:slight_smile:


Thanks for sharing! I laughed so hard!!!

Now… only if my cat would let me do that…

Although Starbucks was willing to put up with this…


Is that look “I’ll get you for this”?


OMG, that is absolutely the best!


Haha probably! Or “Why Mommy why???”


“By the way, I left a little surprise on your pillow…”


He did! :cat2: During the Christmas holidays :evergreen_tree: he brings those Christmas Tree ornaments :christmas_tree: to bed. My hubby and I would wake up in the morning to a bunch of sparkly ball ornaments on our pillow, bed, hallway and on the stairs… we have to be careful not to step on them or trip. Thankfully he is a strictly indoor cat… can’t imagine waking up to dead rats :rat: or mouse :mouse2: or bird :bird: on our bed…:fearful:


No go with dressing up my pet. Last one I had passed about 7yrs ago and unless my wife goes out to get one without me we won’t have another. Love animals, but love my freedom more.


You’re totally allowed to dress up yourself. And you don’t even have to pee in the yard. :wink:


I used to have a cat who would do this to herself. I think she liked the warmth. :slight_smile:

(Or maybe she just knew how gorgeous she was.)


(Also, for any concerned animal-lovers: she was NEVER even slightly mouthy with the cords. I watched carefully. And then I put them out of reach anyway because it made me too nervous. But I did absolutely get pictures before I stopped letting her light herself.)


She makes a cute x-mas tree! :smile:


Yeah, my wife says “no more mammals” now that all the kids are out of the house we still have to arrange dog-sitting. He’s a nice enough dog, but it does put something of a wrench in being spontaneous.


You just made my night!!