Cardboard word board for a kindergartener

We’ve been working a lot on reading and spelling with my 5 year old. Post christmas, our house has been overflowing with corrugated cardboard, so I thought I’d learn how to cut and engrave this cardboard, and while I was at it, make him a little reading game.

This is like a hexagonal scrabble set, except instead of the letters setting you up to fail and run out, this is set up to help you make as many words as you can – giving you more of the most common letters, and even giving you Th, Ch, Sh, Ed, Ing, Ly, and Qu. We had a lot of fun setting this up and spelling his favorite cat name.

I’ll probably make this board out of wood one day – cardboard isn’t that durable, but it sure is replaceable. But making the tiles out of cardboard is great for tiles and little ones who have already flung my scrabble tiles across the house a thousand times. These can be swept up and safely thrown out.

Engrave the letters, cut the tiles and cut the frame. I used cardboard from an amazon box, and used the settings here to do it.

letter hexagon


I’d love to see that made up in wood. (And then I’d probably play it cause I love Scrabble!) That looks like a great learning game…thanks for sharing the file! :grinning:


Yep, I have dreams of making a little board like this in quarter inch plywood, with letter inlays. But, well, I have a LOT of cardboard I need to get rid of, as I might have been saving it from the past 10 years.


What a cool little game—thanks for sharing!


A wonderful idea! Great job!

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This is a great use of all those Amazon boxes that we all now have. With 12 grandchildren and one great grandchild I can see me making some of these.

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I used the settings from that page but the letters are very dark engrave 605/11. is that what you used?

Yep. But if it’s too dark the right thing to do is probably increase the speed. Ymmv.

i apparently right the opposite of what I meanr, it was NOT very dark. I’ll slow it down some. thanks for the feed back.

@j_guerrero Did you end up slowing it down and getting a darker engrave? I’m also experiencing too light a cardboard engrave. So if you did try and you managed to successfully darken the engrave, I’m interested in your settings.

I am sorry I cant remember, I think i ended up making a bunch of the same objects with different settings so i could see what I wanted. Then they changed the settings and so it was no good anymore.

Is there a file for this somewhere? I may have missed it–sorry

Third image in the original post (the one that isn’t a photo).

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Oh gosh–you’re right. Sorry about that. I didn’t see it hyperlinked but I didn’t even try to save it. Thanks so much for responding! Can’t wait to try this :slight_smile:

The image you posted shows that you have selected cut for the majority of the letters:

No idea why the As were separated - but if you change that first setting to Engrave (instead of Cut) it should do what you want it to…

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Update: This is how it looks on PG Draft board! Really clean and sharp. Thanks for the help on the correction, @cjoh


I homeschool my youngest, and even though she is much older than 5, I think this would be a great project to help her with her spelling and vocabulary. Thanks for sharing.


I’m literally reading the community form for the first time - 2nd day as a GF user. My sister is a full-time teacher and would love this in her classroom. I’m certain that when her coworkers see it, there will be more requests. Thanks so much CJOH!


There are some wonderful kid-oriented projects here. Forum members really share good stuff for the community.


I love this! I made something similar for us while we are learning Croatian, great minds think alike!

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