Cardstock box, using the mandala from earlier posts

I used the mandala from here (Mandala) Thanks!
and made some cardstock boxes for LED votives, or valentines

I also used some cat stencils I bought on etsy. (in the photos not the SVG sorry)

Here is the SVG for a blank box (add your own stencils)

One with the mandalas already
paper-box-with mandalas

A new one with turtle and snake my daughter drew today (I lowered the first two top closures to not interfere with the top two lid sections. My daughter says I lowered it to much):


Thank you for the files

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Thanks. Love the cats.


And @lightner’s famous mandala design shows up again! It is so very versatile. Thanks for the share! :heart_eyes:


That is so generous. thank you so much!

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I mispoke, the cats were not from etsy, but from

re: the Mandala, in academia they track the number of citations a paper gets, as an indicator of how relevant your research is. If a lot of people are quoting your research, it is pretty relevant.
I wonder how many links to that Mandala there are? (I know I’ve cut it using a bunch of different materials, and cannibalized it, taking the middle section only for smaller earnings. (Shrinking it too much resulted in all ash.

I purchased a few different stencils back in November for my daughter and sister. But now that we have more experience, she is going to try and draw some herself. I will then digitize and laser them.


Nice share, thank you! Thank you for sharing the link to the cats also. They’re very cute!

These are nice, I might steal these and use them as a Jack-0-Lantern, and line my drive way with them

what settings did you use?