People love these—as do I. An impressive demonstration of Glowforge precision.

Adjust the size as you see fit.


Cuts in ~10 minutes when set for a ~3-inch diameter.

I tend to use PG basswood because I can sand out the small amount of scorching that remains on the topside after the paper backing is removed. PG draft board, coated with polyurethane spay after cutting, works well too.


Awesome! (Wonder how small it would go?) :wink:


Is that a challenge Jules!? :sunglasses: I’ve done ~2" in PG draft board. Had to use a toothpick to remove the tiny bits. Pretty amazing!


Come on man…pictures! :smile:

I’ve been through a couple of challenge matches myself with this thing…this was the ultimate for me:

(And I didn’t even win that one… @henryhbk engraved an initial on a mustard seed.) :smile:


Amazing, and as you say, shows how precise the GF can be.
Did you make any particular ordering of the cuts to avoid the build up of heat at any point, to avoid scorching, or let it cut around the natural order of the piercing ?
John :upside_down_face:


John Brooker, I just let Glowforge decide, although I put the outline cutout last. It’s fascinating to watch. Can’t figure out how Glowforge solves the NP-complete “Traveling Salesman” problem for this, but I’d have to say that it does it well—and quickly.


I think this is taxing the minds of a lot of us.
I did suspect that having finished one cut, it then proceeded to the nearest ‘first node’ for a subsequent cut. But someone has noted somewhere that it does a different order for a repeat of the same project, so that rather knocks that out of court.
John :upside_down_face:




(Sorry… getting feisty on a lazy Sunday afternoon!)


:blush: Thanks @eflyguy for noticing! Fixed! Not the first—or last—time for that spelling error! Can’t trust them spell checkers. (I could claim I used voice entry, but that would be a lie. )


Hey, all good. I grew up in SA, so the words are definitely meaningful…

(and, I’m not a dick, I promise…)


This post with @dan commenting on how Glowforge has handled this issue:


did you do that from a raster? or an SVG? wow! Just DAYUM!


Gorgeous! Thanks for the file.


That’s a really pretty one! I’m going to print one larger to use as a trivet!



A gorgeous design. Looking at it is am thinking “What a cool tea lamp that would make!”


Wow. Just…wow. I am so in love with this machine, and I am SO going to print one of these beauties THIS VERY MINUTE.

Thanks for sharing it!!!


Weeding was a pain, but SO worth it! :slight_smile:


Can save some resources. It will depend on the thin runs.

Back when I was making that Eiffel tower I got to the point where the struts were as small as I could make them.
Anything smaller and they LOOKED ok, until you touched them and they turned into dust.



Thank you, this is something that will find its way to the forge.


The Mandala is something that absolutely needs very sticky duct tape to remove all the paper backing…