Cardstock error message

Trying to cut 65lb cardstock. Settings 500/48 / 0.017

I am getting this error message.

Did you try Set Focus?

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Yes. No luck.

This is why I constantly complain about the machine “setting focus” before a print even when you have specified material thickness and focus height.

I’ve never had it fail like this, but why on earth they feel the need to do it is beyond me.

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Here’s an idea. Put a piece of scrap PG or similar outside the print area, with a simple shape (use the beta tools) over it (set to ignore), and place the Set Focus marker on that. It should be ignored once it goes to print, and use your specified focus height.

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Is that masking tape on the edges? In your photo, looks like the corners aren’t flat (curling up a bit)–maybe the head’s air assist is catching on those and it’s sensitive enough to be triggering the height error?

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I’d try restarting the machine and the browser, and doing a new upload of the file.

The air assist fan does not run while focusing, and the machine does not check focus while printing.

I have gotten that error on proofgrade veneer. I doubt it applies in your case, but I discovered that it happened when I tried to manually set focus somewhat close to a section where I had cut other things out of it. When I went all the way to the other side of the veneer not close to the holes, it focused properly. I didn’t think much about it until it kept happening, and I realized it had something to do with the cutout (which was a mandala that left a lot of holes).

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You are my Glowforge hero!!! Your suggestion worked!!!

You have helped me so many times —- I want you to come to Knoxville and have a great dinner with us. Bring your wife, kids and dogs!!!

October is a great month for dining on the outside.


I am going to keep your message. Thank you for posting it.

eflyguy had a suggestion and it worked.

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Another solution for paper products is to use or make a tack board.
I have a chunk of 0.180 that I use.
Just add depth to include the board, usually 0.192.
It can be pinned down flat.
A light tack spray will work for several iterations.
Keeps the small cut chunks from creating a snowstorm.
Works with paper and cloth.

Downside is removing all the little cut sections still glued to the board when done if the design had a lot of them. (still better than them blowing into places you would rather they were not).


Plastic “razor blades” make short work of cut remnant cleanup…

Thank you so much for your awesome suggestion.

You are also being rewarded The Hero of the Day but actually your number 2 because eflyguy is first.

I often use set focus several times till I am sure it is right.

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those wire baking grills will also lift the paper to a height it likes and you can even tape them down from the bottom


My response based on interpretation the error is happening during the printing process, and not a “material height error” that can pop up when just trying to focus…
But there are different combinations of steps/machine action that can lead to many of error messages, right?

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Today I received this E-mail from support. I have never seen a red dot.

It happens when the machine is focusing. I had never seen it because my laptop is in a different room than my GF, so it had already happened before I got to the machine to press the button.

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Does the red dot appear inside the GF?