Carriag plate won't reattach....hoping someone can help!

I just cleaned my machine and cannot get carriage plate to reattach. I’ve had a glowforge for 5 years but this is my new “refurbished pro” and warranty is out in a few days. I’ve never had this problem before.
Attaching video and pictures.
(please ignore my dirty hands… I’ve been staining for days!)


First off, the belt teeth must face inward. Secondly, put a mirror on the bed so that you can see the back wheels properly placed on their rails. Then pull forward and lift. Also, check that the springs are not stuck.


The belt is fine, your main focus should be on making sure that the ‘V’ face of the rear wheels are straddling the ridge at the rear of the gantry beam, if they are, just pull forward on the carriage plate assembly and lift the forward edge until the front wheels straddle the ridge on the front of the gantry beam.

You may need to support the gantry beam from rolling forward as you pull on the carriage plate assembly to compress the rear wheel springs, so hold it steady with your free hand while you attach the plate.

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