Carriage bearing wheel

Last weekend, machine stops cutting through on the left side of material, gradually the area its not cutting through gets bigger.

Figure okay, Its due for a cleaning.

Open machine, pull out crumb tray, dump and set to the side.

Slide laser head off carriage, hear something hit the bottom of the GF, see a small plastic semi circle. Scratch head, check laser head for any damage see none. Set it aside on lint free cloth.

Dig further into the machine, don’t notice anything, run the carriage back and forth, seems to be running smoothly. Shrug and get on with the cleaning.

Clean laser head, and go to reinstall. That is when I noticed that the right bearing wheel for the carriage was different, seems that the bottom of the wheel snapped off and that was what I found. Now I know I’m beyond the warranty at this point, since I have a basic from the first kickstarter.

The carriage seems to be working fine for now, but I’d like to replace the wheel before it does decide to go awry. Is there somewhere I could order these bearing wheels?

I would send an email directly to support and ask if they can procure one for you.
(Or just let them find this and close it…they will want to work with you off of the forum for ordering the part since it’s personal information involved.)

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Should be able to just replace the carriage plate (and bonus, you get a brand new, clean air assist fan?).

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That would be ideal… guess I’ll wait for support to contact me and try to get that outta em.

Those wheels are used extensively in products like CNC routers, and it’s likely a cheap, standard part.

IIRC, they have replaced a carriage plate for someone with the same issue, but I have no idea if that machine was under warranty. They would not provide just the wheel.

So before you dive in and spent a lot of money on a new carriage, it might be worth researching a suitable replacement wheel (or two.) Measure carefully… :slight_smile:


I’m so sorry for the trouble! Could you please post some photos of the part that came off, as well as the carriage plate? I’d like to verify exactly which part it is.

Just in case, instructions for removing and reinstalling the carriage plate are here.

Didn’t come off, so much as crack and split, the bottom half fell off. Seems to be riding fine.

Thank you for posting that photo! You can purchase a replacement carriage plate from us if you’d like.

I’m going to close this thread and follow up with you in email with more details and pricing.