Carriage Fan: Was this melted? Or was this from a small fire? Worst timing as a teacher with 2 weeks left

So im a teacher with 2 weeks left of school, yesterday I was getting an overheating warning for like an hour, it never moved. So I turn it back off and go to cut today and im greeted with a warning that the air assist fan isnt spinning at the correct speed. Well, this is what I found:

Do you think that the fan was melted from heat? Or do you think there was flames that melted this? I was cutting 1/4" baltic birch, so nothing crazy.

I bought this unit a year ago and havent had issues like this when I had my previous unit for a few years. Either way im screwed, I had to buy a whole new air assist and then wait for the part to be shipped to me in NYC.

Trying to obviously avoid this in the future…esp at crucial times in the year lol.

EDIT: Do we think the fan can be used for another print? Tbh im scraping the gunk off and Im not sure its really melted…

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If you use a q-tip with isopropyl alcohol on it, does it come off? Can you spin the fan with your finger? It looks like it’s covered in glue and residue. When i cut mdf, my fan looks and sticks like that.

The fan is replaceable…somewhere on this forum i think someone shared a link to order the fan off amazon or something… it’s been a while… but if it’s residue, it can be cleaned, carefully.

Just thinking… if it’s residue, before taking a qtip…see if you can pick it off with your fingernail or something similar. If it’s dried, might scrape off.


Yeah I think that actually might be it…however I also broke the damn pulley wheel while pulling the belt off lol, so either way im waiting.


Eh, those black wheels seem to break easier than the clear wheels my machine had. I wonder if you should order another set :rofl::rofl: but good news is the fan can be cleaned. But whatever your cutting is gunking the machine up bad. Mdf definitely will do that. Not sure with cheap plywood would do the same.


I had a similar issue…

I hung a vacuum hose through the the outflow and poured a small stream of hand sanitizer through. The moving air will free up the fan and even get rid of that level of gunk, and left running a bit, dry off any trace of sanitizer.


Looks like a bunch of resin build-up from cutting thick cheap wood. Which is understandable on a school budget.