Carriage Issues

The wheel on the right side of the carriage isn’t staying in alignment on the track. There is no obstruction and it worked fine 2 days ago. The machine hasn’t been moved. First the carriage was stopping on a diagonal, now it makes a horrible squeak and jumps off the tract. It’s weird, when it calibrates and focuses it moves properly. I’m in the middle of holiday gifts and freaking out! Any suggestions?

You could try squaring the arm:


Double check to make sure there is not a stray piece of masking stuck on any rail or wheel.

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What kind of machine?

The Pro

Nothing is obstructing the carriage.

With a Pro, it is possible for a cable to hang up on the heat fins, causing the issue you are describing…hold on, let me find the instructions…

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Here they are…repair instructions are further down in the thread if you check it and it turns out to be the problem.


Thanks Im frustrated and going to give it a go tomorrow.

I’ve squared it a dozen times…still not working correctly. The alignment and prep is perfect, when it starts the print the carriage comes out crooked. the right side is where it should be, the left is way behind

@Jules, @dklgood, @geek2nurse,
Thank you for all your help. It was my settings…I had done a board previously with no issues. @elfguy was wondering how I managed to use the crumb tray. The answer is because my settings were slow enough and didn’t even though I shouldn’t have been able to use the crumb tray. I dropped my print back to these settings and I’m now printing again…


I’m glad you resolved it! I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!