Carriage not going all the way back?

Having an issue today where our print is off approx 1/2 inch. It seems like the whole carriage is not returning to the rear-most position. There doesn’t seem to be anything obstructing it’s return.
This just started in the middle of a product run.

Have you had this issue or any thoughts on how to fix.

Our unit is 2 1/2 years old.

With the machine off, can you push it back the 1/2"? Is it possible that the printhead bumped into something while it was printing? Does the issue resolve if you turn the machine off and back on allowing it to home and center as usual?


No. I just figured out it’s being obstructed by a red hose (on the left side of the carriage) that seems to have dropped down from a different position. The hose is getting hung up on the large fins in front of the exhaust fan which is preventing the carriage from moving back any further. I imagine this hose is part of the cooling system. If I reach my hand around and gently hold up this hose I can return the carriage to it’s rear-most position.

I have no idea how to fix this but hope there’s an easy solution.

There are a few others that have had this issue. Use the search function “red cable” and see if you get some useful information. Don’t use the machine until the issue is resolved.


Thanks for the tip. I will search now.

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