Carriage Tray Plastic Wheels Broke

I was just cleaning my GF basic and the wheels for the carriage tray broke. This is the first time I’ve cleaned my GF and I’m a bit dissapointed in the quality of these plastic wheels. Why not use metal?

Anyhow, what can I do about getting replacement wheels sent my way? I would like to purchase a few extras in case this is a common occurance.

Sorry your introduction to our group here was prompted by a problem, but support will be along to fix you up.

Believe me, the company is more than a bit disappointed too. I’ve had my machine 4 years now and have had no issues with the wheels, which are a polymer also, so somewhere along the line there was a change in supply that has cost the company $ to correct, and hasn’t helped with the perception of quality.
If you search the forum for that issue you will find you are not alone, and I would expect that issue to have been corrected.
Following the recommended cleaning should not result in broken components, and they will make it right.

Anyway, welcome to the community! This place and the knowledgeable people here are really the best accessory for your laser.


They can’t use metal wheels because of the aluminum rail used to support this movement. Aluminum is highly susceptible to a process called “galling” where dirt and other contaminants create small metal shavings that then get ground into the metal surfaces. With force and time this causes the surfaces to get rough which then increases friction and heat. Depending on the metal pairs, the galling process can be very fast, if you have similar or identical metals, or it can be slower, but it will almost certainly happen. The final result is that your machine gets noisy and then the wheels stick to the frame and your machine is now frozen up permanently.

The other drawback of metal wheels on metal rails is that they require lubrication and they are noisy. A lubricated wheel would need to be protected from the debris of operation, which will drive up cost. The lubricant would need to be replaced pretty much every time you use the machine since it would, by design, soak up all the contaminants that come into contact with it. So now instead of just cleaning the lenses and wiping down the rails, you have to wipe dirty grease off the rails and wheels and anywhere else it may have gotten.

For an exposed roller design at this price point, a polymer wheel is really about the best solution.


When support responds just ask for extras, they may charge you but the cost is minimal and well worth it…

Hello @darren.clark,

Thank you for reaching out to us and posting the photo. I’m sorry to see you have broken wheels on your carriage plate. We can get a replacement ordered for you right away.

I will need to confirm some personal information in order to get a replacement carriage plate shipped out to you, so I’m going to send you a separate email. You should receive my email in a few minutes, but if you don’t receive it in the next 30 minutes please check your spam / junk mail folder. Once I know you’ve received my email, I’ll close this thread.

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Hey @darren.clark, its been a couple of days since we heard from you. I wanted to check in and see if you received the email I sent to you. It might have gone to to your spam or junk mail folder.

Please let me know if you didn’t receive it and I will send it again, so that we can get that carriage plate replaced for you. Thank you!

I’ve got nothing in my email from you unfortunately.

Check your Spam or Junk folder sometimes it gets routed to there.

Who is the email sent from? I’ve searched for glowforge and Glamn and the only emails I seem to have are emails from support that lead me right back to this thread.

Would you mind just calling me? My number (I believe) is on file with my GF account. It’s a 404 number.

The emails I have received from support show the persons name and the email address shows Support@glowforge

Hey @darren.clark, I just took a look in our system and see that you did receive the email I sent. We don’t offer phone support right now, so unfortunately online is the best and only way for us to help.

I just sent you a reply to the other email, I need to confirm your shipping address in order to send you a new part. Since you received my email, I’m going to close this thread now and will continue working with you over email. Thank you!