Carriage wheels

why does my carriage wheels keep breaking. I have replaced 3 with the ones printed by a 3 d printer already. I emailed someone in support days ago and NO ANSWER. this is frustrating, I would very much love some sort of answer. at this point this is a VERY OVERPRICED PAPER WEIGHT.

Support can get OEM replacements for you, but they might not have gotten the email request. This post in Problems and Support section opened a ticket for you, so as soon as they see it they will contact you to make arrangements for OEM replacements.

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Thank you!!

That was why they kept breaking, they are a lot more sophisticated than you can do with a 3D printer. It is amazing that they worked at all.

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If they would just sell them on their site people wouldnt have to resort to that. obviously its a problem for many. and they do not answer their emails.

It helps if you monitor email and this group. If you did you might have realized that this whole covid thing has messed up all sorts of businesses. Apparently the wheels are far more tricky than they look. Those whose machines were before the pandemic have not had these problems. This would indicate that they are having problems getting good wheels to fill their own needs, and do not have so many to sell the excess or they would be selling them there.

If you can make them on a 3d printer that will last at all that might be a work-around until you can get the oem ones.

I dont monitor this. correct. Honestly the wheels have been my only major problem in almost a year. just now its very very frustrating when you are trying to complete projects and cant because you are more busy replacing wheels. I hope they see this and maybe make a decision to stock and sell their wheels. it would be a win win

all that said… if you can print them and get them to work even temporarily… have you thought about trying to use them to create a mold and cast them in an epoxy that isn’t as likely to break?

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No i never thought about that.

Hello there,

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re having troubles with your Front Carriage Plate V-Wheels and the need to frequently replace them. I’ll be happy to help you get this sorted out so you can get back to printing without any troubles.\

I noticed that you had stated the last few, were replacements made by using a 3D laser printer (per your comment below).

I have replaced 3 with the ones printed by a 3 d printer already.

That there may be the problem, as the material used to create replacement V-wheels, may not have the strength and integrity to be used in your Glowforge printer.

I would strongly recommend using Glowforge replacement V-wheels that are designed to be used in your Printer, and can handle the strain by the movements and functions performed by your Glowforge when running prints.

As a courtesy, I am willing to send you a set of replacement v-wheels free of charge. Let me know if you are willing to accept this offer and we’ll move your forum chat to an email trouble ticket where you can provide your shipping address information.

Warm regards,


I would love that!!! I do live my machine but the frustration is real when it wont work!

@wyerschef, you will want to click the three dots on the bottom of the post that has your personal information in it, and click the garbage can to delete it.

You don’t want that personal information on a public forum… @gabe.r will contact you directly via email to work out the details. :slightly_smiling_face:

Is it deleted

I thought I was replying to an email.

Yep, it’s gone. (Likely no harm.) :slightly_smiling_face:
Watch for an email from

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Hi @wyerschef. I apologize for the delayed response. I just sent you an email to confirm your shipping information. I’ll leave this thread open for a couple days so we can confirm you have received my recently sent email. Please check your inbox, and let me know once received. Thank you!

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I am not seeing that email

Hi I see on our forum conversation you sent an email for my address… However I am NOT seeing any emails.

Hi @wyerschef. Thank you for following up. I went ahead and resent it. Please check your inbox now, and if you’re not seeing it any SPAM folders, could you email us at and include your Reference Ticket #295484? I’ll keep this thread open until we can confirm receipt any emails sent to get you some new carriage wheels.

Hello @wyerschef,

I see that you did receive the email my colleague sent to you. That is great! To avoid duplicate communication, I’m going to close this thread now and we will continue working with you over email.