Cat lovers out there Take Command!


Link won’t work, click link under title ^


Mmmm… Not seeing a pic (or whatever object that’s supposed to be).


opps, GIF won’t work, false alarm.


Haha–that was kinda weird!


That is the creepiest goddam thing I’ve seen since those Burger King commercials with the king looking through the bedroom windows.


Cats were pretty creeped out too!


Oh man that’s mean! They thought it was a super huge cat, and they’re territorial! :joy:


Bwahaha. That is super funny and creepy at the same time


I love cats and I consider myself a crazy cat lady… but whoa! Not sure how my fur-babies will feel about me wearing a cat mask… They might just roll their eyes at me… :smirk_cat:


Here is a fun cat thing, and I made this with it!


This might work for your link @printolaser


Deh poor kittehs!:joy_cat:


Thanks! :+1:


This is so goofy. Here is a modified GF logo, cat.


OMG, This is hilarious.


Those are really good!
Here are a couple more I did


What?! You people are starting to get really weird. You need lasers, stat!


Wow, Bender turned out surprisingly well!


The skull&crossbones is great. I played with it for a little while, a bunch of my tries came out looking like damaged owls.

@Drea try it out! Yeah, its weird, but algorithmic automagic image processing is getting more and more powerful! There is a building generator also, but the cat one is more interesting to play with.


well that’s my cats usual reaction to anything and everyone (now and then even me).
kinda understand them though ::