Cat stacking game


Cute cat stacking game and box with slide lid (fashioned after this free file as an example. Thank you. Yes, you can make a groove! )


Sweeet! :sunglasses:


That’s the cat’s meow!


You’ve been busy today! :slight_smile:

Great project(s)!


Awwwww, that is really cute. Really neat palindromic title on the lid, too!




Great job.


What fun!!


OMG!!! That is too freaking wonderful!!!


Very nice, very cute, but from the title I was hoping for more hilarity, annoyed looking cats, band-aids and bloody scratches. :wink:


Did you make this yourself or were there designs somewhere, my cat obsessed daughter would love this.


I found a picture of a line up of the cats on pinterest, changed the saturation and contrast in photoshop to make it black and white. erased the shadows and filled in highlights in photoshop. and then vectorized it in illustrator. @smh4wd


Love the sliding lid! Very nice work!



squeeeeeeeee! :smile:




Did you put any little grooves in the feet to make it easier to slot them onto one another? Like the grooves in tightrope walkers’ shoes & toes? Or do they have to rest on the 1/4" width of the cutout?


…and doesn’t the sloped cut make them hard to stack?


would seem to at least require some sort of alternation of “front” and “back”.

But it does seem they do stack from the picture.

It would be evil to do something like glue them all and then have your recipient try to replicate it without the glue because they knew it could be done (just weren’t aware of the glue)… :smile:


I found the image you were talking about but the resolution is terrible, when I am trying to clean them up it clips the legs of the felines and such, any pointers?