Catalog Access

Hey Dan,
I think gaining access to the catalog and seeing how much we’re going to get in compensation might help swallow the current delay…


Good suggestion - I’ll see what I can do. I know there’s a fair bit of work to enable catalog access without setting up a Glowforge first, though.

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I just know I was super stoked when I saw my Glowforge was supposed to be delivered in November, but when I got the new date of February, I got a little mad. In the email you guys tell us about the compensation, but without being able to understand what that means, it just empty talk. If we could see what you’re referring to, that would definitely make me feel better about waiting.


for what its worth… Proofgrade is amazing and your bonus is more of it. The inventables certificate is for anything on their site - you can check that out now (really high quality stuff but unmasked like Proofgrade) and the catalog credits are for designs created by Glowforge. I have to say I haven’t found anything in the catalog yet that I’d like to make so there will probably be more the longer you have to wait. If you need more proof of how amazing these are check out what people are making with them!

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I’m in the population of folks that the delay isn’t hurting or causing stress, but early access to the catalog would be super cool.

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Maybe I missed it, but can we access the Proofgrade store before we get our units?

Oh…and keep charging forward. It’s hard when things go wrong, but I do think that you are trying to do the best that you and the team can. We asked for more info and you gave us monthly updates. Some said that they felt injured financially for the delays and you gave us warranty extensions and discounts and free materials… We still wanted more detail and you created the personal forecasts sent out today, however flawed. I keep seeing amazing work by @polarbrainfreeze, @marmak3261, @Jules, @ianauch and more that convince me that this could be an industry-changing device as the original Apple LaserWriter was to publishing. I’m proud to be part of this GF movement, regardless of my disappointment and jealousy. :wink:


I really like this suggestion. I promised my wife (who is the real owner of the forge) that if there was another delay that we would come together to discuss our $5k. She was wanting cut and run about 6 months ago and I asked her to wait with a promise that if there was another delay, we would discuss again and her word, would be final.

Since we have the email now, we are having that discussion tonight.

Depending on how she feels about it, is the direction we will go. However, for anyone else on the fence, this may help keep people on-board by keeping the excitement more alive than the disappointment.


You can get access to the Proofgrade store once you have received the shipping information request email and you confirm that you want delivery.

At the moment, no. Well, kind of. When you receive an acceptance email and accept the terms, you obtain access to both the ProofGrade store as well as the Glowforge Catalog. But, currently, no access before you receive that email.

Pretty sure that the materials shop is limited to those who have units purely for scaling reasons. They are still learning to walk with the customer satisfaction. Up until recently the materials were labeled Beta. If they open it up to everyone, the folks who currently have units would likely have problems ordering material.

Of course there is no reason not to allow everyone to simply browse the Proofgrade and Catalog stores. But probably would need to deny orders unless inventory is able to keep up with an exponential spike in demand.


I want to see the credits:
$50 towards the design catalog
$50 towards inventables
$150 towards proof grade materials
$20 for every month of delay
I want to see how much of that $20 has accumulated

People who have received their units have received the credits for design catalog, Inventables certificate, Proofgrade material and some have received the credit for $20 every month. The delay calculation depends on when you ordered and when you receive it. There are examples of that in the forum so I won’t calculate it for you since I might miss by $20 or so. Haven’t even bothered to calculate it for me though I know the ballpark.

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Thanks @sailbyc. Man, we’re trying. :slight_smile:

Not yet - we’ve looked at enabling that but we don’t currently have a way for you to have an account with access unless it’s tied to your Glowforge.

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Always great that you guys respond and stay up with conversation. I really appreclate it!


Its $20 for every full month of delay from December (2016) for the 30-day pre-order, or march (2017) for orders placed after that.

If my math is right, the totals should be (if you get your email in October):

  • $180 for the 30-day pre-order people
  • $120 for everyone after that
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Thanks Joe!

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Does that include people who ordered after they said you would receive those bonuses? Because I ordered in March of 2017 and all the personalized emails with reference to this still say I’ll get the Founder’s Discount and the $20 per month, but I’m not sure that’s correct. @dan Can you say anything about this?


Maybe just a single guest account for everyone, with no order privileges?

@dan Hey it shows your working hard. It cant be easy, you have small purchases and VC investments to explain yourself too.

Keep it up and pay not attention to those who would drag you down.

“Do not let yesterday define you. That’s the job for Tomorrow, make tomorrow fabulous.”


I imagine that access to the Proofgrade store is more fruitful because non-GF laser practitioners will probably clammer for those materials even if they can’t read the QR codes.