Catalog and Store

Am I missing where this is? Can we get into it as a future owner / member? Or is it not accessible yet?

I tried searching the forums but no link was to be found. Mostly questions about it.

Thanks in Advance


Currently it’s open to those who have or are immediately expecting (have gotten confirmation e-mail) a Glowforge.

So, don’t worry… You’re in the same boat as (almost) everybody else. SOON! :slight_smile:


Won’t speak for anyone else, but as a PRU, I have access to the Proofgrade store but not the design Catalog. YMMV.




Sorry. Yes. Store only.


Same here. The only ones who can see the catalog items are the Betas. (Who are probably testing them.)


Thanks Everyone.
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Yup, only beta testers have access to the design store so far.

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Is this still the case? Since I just got my email, I now have access to the store, and I’d like to use my credit, but I’d like to purchase some designs as well as material. I know as soon as I start spending some on the material, I may not be able to leave “enough” to get a couple of designs before my GF shows up. Or since we are getting a certain set of designs for “free” as a thanks for waiting, is it even worth it to save some of my credit for the design catalog?

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My guess is the catalog credit will be separate from the material store.

I’m not sure that I’m following? I didn’t think we had separate “buckets” for catalog and store credits. I thought we had the $20/month credit that could be used in either place?

maybe I just need to read about the benefits that we are entitled to a little closer…

Ok. I found it and you are definitely right @karaelena.

From the June Update:
While it doesn’t make up for our delay, please know that for your incredible patience, we will be gifting you with:

  • $150 of premium Proofgrade materials. We think this is the very best way to get started with your Glowforge, and we’re confident you’re going to love what they can do.
  • A $20 gift certificate per month of delay, which we’ll calculate and credit to your account at the time your Glowforge Basic or Pro is ready. This money can be used towards purchases in the Proofgrade store or the Glowforge design catalog.
  • On top of that, you’ll get a $50 gift certificate for the Glowforge design catalog.
  • As a Glowforge Founder, you’ll also get a 10% discount on Proofgrade materials and in the Design catalog.
  • We’re extending that 10% Founder discount for another full year, until the end of 2018.
  • A $50 gift certificate from Inventables, so you can try out their unusual materials like glitter acrylic and veneer inlays. Access to every design for every product we showed in our video, free, as we add them to the catalog and…
  • An extra 6 months on your warranty - extending your Glowforge Basic and Air Filter coverage to 12 months and your Glowforge Pro to 18 months warranty."

There is the $20/month credit that we can use in either place, as well as a $50 credit for the catalog specifically.


ool, thanks for digging that up.

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The catalog isn’t available yet. As I recall, $50 of the credits are catalog-only, so spend away.


Thanks for the confirmation. I’m really excited to get started.


how much proofgrade do i need to order to build an insane rubber band shooter :smiley:


I know this was brought up way back in the before time, but is there any thought to having some kind of “Build It with Proofgrade” link next to items in the design catalog, so that one would be able to simultaneously purchase a design and the proper amount/type of materials to build it?


I like that idea!

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Awesome idea! Hopperized. (cc @Tony)


Just curious about the availability of the catalog since we just received our glowforge and would like access to the catalog now. I’ve searched the entire site and no luck with any links for it.