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Hey guys, I’m about to purchase a couple of glowforge files with the $50 credit, and the math isn’t adding up right in the catalog. I haven’t used any of the credit yet, and when confirming the purchase for the better together clutch, if I choose either single use, or unlimited prints, it’s telling me I’l have $37.01 in credit left. I’m not sure how it’s getting that number, or why it’s the same for both. And with the bifold executive wallet, either single or unlimited, it’s telling me I’ll have $25.01 left (of the $50)…the same number for either option. I haven’t checked any other designs, but I’m going to assume they will be incorrect too.
Do I just go ahead and purchase what I want and then get you guys to adjust it to what it should be? Or…?

@shronimo, you may want to pluralize the subject line to “Catalog bugs”. I’m seeing similar issues, so you’re not alone.

I’ve observed three bugs:

  1. Just prior to purchasing certain (not all) designs, a note pops up under the confirm button, stating my remaining credit balance with the dollar portion zeroed out. For example, with $30.71 in Catalog credit, purchasing the Architect’s Adjustable Table Lamp for $3.59 will show my remaining balance will drop to $0.71
  2. Purchasing the Retro Boombox Phone Amp for $9.89 will generate a message that my card will be charged - despite there being enough credits to cover the purchase.
  3. Purchasing the Desktop Tool Carousel for $2.69 will deduct $9.00 from the credit balance.

I submitted a service request, no response yet - the auto-reply said they’re extra busy now. It’s been like this for over a week, so I’m thinking it’s not their highest priority at the moment - maybe because the wonky credit balance calculations aren’t real (hopefully).

I had made prior Catalog purchases using my $50 credit, and my billing summary did seem to log it correctly. However, the Catalog purchases were deducted from my “Unspecified” credits, and it took a service request to get it fixed. Once I exhausted my unspecified credits, I started seeing the bugs in the Catalog purchases.

I’m holding off on Catalog purchases until I hear back from customer support, and I’ll post an update here.

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Done! And thanks for adding to my bugs, glad to know it’s not just me. I haven’t purchased any files yet, but hopefully will soon for a couple of christmas gifts. If I know I won’t have enough time to complete the projects, I’m going to go ahead and purchase and let them sort it out later. They are pretty good about fixing things around here!

Thank you so much for the details. I’m looking into it now. As soon as I have more information I’ll update this thread.

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I went ahead and bought the clutch, as I’m making a few for presents, and if I don’t start now, I won’t get them done in time. It took the wrong amount from my credit. I’m hoping that will get adjusted in time :slightly_smiling_face:

@shronimo, I too couldn’t stand to wait for a fix, so I purchased the Sugar Monster Box. Prior to purchase, the page stated it would charge my credit card rather than using my Catalog credits, but after the purchase $5.40 was deducted from my Catalog credits instead. Important Safety Tip: document the purchase price of a design prior to making the purchase, as the Catalog won’t show that data once it’s in your personal library. I failed to follow that advice, so now I can’t tell if I got overcharged.

I would appreciate if someone reading this thread, who hasn’t purchased the Sugar Monster Box design, could post what their Catalog is showing for the single-use purchase price.

It’s unfortunate the Catalog is taking such an adversarial posture with my engagements…

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$5.99. (Looks like they actually undercharged you.) :smile:

Ok! I might as well document here :blush: I started with $50 credit. Clutch was $8.09. I have $37.01 left (wrong amount).

@Jules, if I factor in the 10% founders discount, then I think my transaction for the Sugar Monster Box was for the correct amount. It still erroneously stated that payment was going to come from my credit card on file, so the transaction was still buggy.

As @shronimo has illustrated with the Clutch transaction, it’s still a gamble to play the Catalog game.

Question for anyone else reading this post, and who’s made a purchase from the design Catalog in the last week or so: how did it go? I’m wondering if everyone is seeing these bugs.

Whew! Okay! (Actually, I’d forgotten the discount, that probably is what it is.) :smile:

This is a no-update update, just to keep the thread active:

Catalog design purchases using credits is still broken for me, as it has been for weeks now. I haven’t tested every item in the Catalog, but every item I have checked is misapplying credits in form or another.

This seems kinda nuts from my perspective, and has me wondering if anybody else is experiencing this issue - or even using the Catalog for that matter…

No it is happening to others as well. I have seen Support make reference to doing some manual resets of customer accounts but no mention of a fix.

My account is still not accurate, and the prices aren’t what they should be. I have $37.01 left in credit (which actually should be $41.91), and I can’t even purchase the sugar monster box for $5.39 without having my card charged. Can someone on staff please help me out with these bugs?

Thank you so much for your patience. Because you emailed us about this and we have been working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic. If you experience this issue again, please go ahead and start a new topic or reach out to

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