Catalog designs available to be modified in other programs?

There are a few designs in the catalog I have thought about purchasing, i.e. Dominoes, but I want to customize them. I know I could upload a separate design into the GFUI after opening the catalog file, but if you’re trying to center 28 items perfectly without controls in the GFUI it’s frustrating. Or if I wanted to take the Wave of Good Fortune file and apply it to the design for this Tea Boat rather than having an over cut of the waves I could just mask it off in AI. Is there a way if you purchase the Lifetime cuts feature to be able to access the file for download? I can understand the one time cut not being allowed for download.

Also just a suggestion, please add dimensions of PG material needed for all catalog designs at STOCK size. I have the sample PG leather but don’t want to just waste it testing engraves and cuts, I’d rather apply it to something.


One of the things I wanted to do exactly, and really a good idea.

If you cut it you can measure anything or even recreate it slightly differently etc.


I believe this is one of those areas where some artist spent who knows how long to design something. Either you like it and will use it or you can do a better job for your particular purpose and you should do just that. Eventually the store will likely have items for sale made by you and me and everybody else. If nothing else, consider how insulted one could be if you went ahead and decided to alter their masterpiece just because you felt like it.


The Wave pattern as a concept is old and not necessary to copy specifically. Even the tea boat is nice as a concept but worth designing one yourself , even though the cutting files were posted

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Unfortunately, catalog designs do not come with the option to be edited locally.

I’m going to close this thread - if you have more questions, go ahead and post a new topic. Thanks for asking!