Catalog Errors/Pricing Issues

Hi all,

I’ve noticed lots of bugginess in the Catalog.

  1. For some items, despite having $50 in Catalog credits on my account, when I click Purchase on a $14.99 design, it tells me “You will have $0.99 remaining.” I’m sort of afraid to buy this design because I don’t want to lose my remaining $35.01.

  2. I’m running into a lot of error screens, most often when I try to view the Billing page under Settings:


As I feared, after buying a couple of items, I should still have ~$20 in credit left, but it’s telling me it will charge my card on file, not allowing me to use the remaining credit.

Scratch that about not allowing me to use the credit. The UI tells me it’ll charge my card, but the next screen ends up showing the credit coverage. So it looks like it’s just a Catalog UI bug, not a backend payment system issue.


Thank you for letting us know! Since you were able to purchase, I’m going to close this thread – but we will investigate!