Catalog images disappearing

I was working on various layouts and images using the pendant from the catalog/home screen. I was ready to move on to another image, Selected the pendant and what was over it, hit delete and now I can’t get the pendant any more. The selection is still available from the home screen but when I select open nothing is rendered on the bed. I also noticed that if I add any art work to a catalog or other existing art that it is sticky and the over laid image stays with it, like the pendant when I did still have it and reopened it, the over lay was rendered.

3 suggestions,

1: Get back missing designs
2: make it so that deleting a design from the bed doesn’t send it to oblivion
3: have the ability to save a layout as a new design (I take the pendant and put a design on it then I can save it as pendant w/ unicorn or what ever.

While it’s not an elegant answer to what is such an obvious flaw, if you make a mistake (deleting something you don’t want to) you can always press ctrl/cmd+z to undo it. Unfortunately if you save it first (by going back home), you’ll need Support to give your account the file again.


Here’s a post that may be useful…

It’s worth noting that the only files that require Support intervention in order to restore are the “free” designs that were pre-loaded in your account. Anything purchased from the Catalog can easily be restored.


So maybe the quickest solution would be to have the free designs added to the master catalog.


Yes – Support has that request in the hopper. Btw, just a SWAG on my part, but perhaps the reason those particular files aren’t in the full Catalog is that they will not be available to next-round/retail buyers. Founder’s Ruler being a reasonable example.


One of the patterns also deleted itself and now it only contains the additional artwork we uploaded into it. :sob:

:question: :thinking:

I’m so sorry about that. Thanks for letting us know. I’ve passed your suggestions on to the team as well.

I’ve sent you a new copy of the Pendant design so you can get back to printing. You’ll find it in your list of designs on the Dashboard.