Catalog instructions missing: 2 different veneer card sleeves

I am wanting to make the veneer card holders (2 designs; want to make both). No instructions. It mentions veneer with adhesive and to place upright and score.

  1. What do I do with the adhesive that is in the middle that is covered by the backing paper?
  2. Will the backing paper come off and stick to your cards when you are pulling them in and out??? 3. Or do you remove the middle part of the adhesive (will the card cover break without that adhesive holding it together?
  3. Would you put something against the adhesive (non-slick paper or???) IOW how would you make sure the veneer is durable for daily use to hold cards without the middle adhesive sticking to cards or without adhesive, falling apart due to no structure strength?

Thank you for you help. I am wanting to make these as Christmas presents with a gift card inside.

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I made one of them, can’t remember which right now. You score the backing so that you only peel off the adhesive where it sticks to the center 1/8" “filler” piece. I don’t know if the center part of the backing will ever come off…haven’t really used it. (it only holds like 3 cards, so not much use to me) I also thought the veneer would be weak, but with only 1/8" in between the 2 sheets of veneer, it is extremely flexible and doesn’t seem weak at all.
Other options might be:

  1. Don’t score/peel any of the backing and just glue it to the center piece. Should make it tougher for the backing to accidentally come off that way.
  2. Double up the veneer pieces and stick them together, and then glue that to the center piece. Will be stronger, no chance of accidental stickage, but also adds to the overall thickness of the piece.
  3. To alleviate the “only 3 card” problem, you could use 1/4" for the center piece, but again that would add to the overall thickness and I am not sure what it would do to the structural strength of the veneer pieces.
    All things to consider I guess.

Thank you @tjones! I’m asking around to see if we have anything more to add. Will you let us know if you get them completed successfully?

I was hoping the creator of the designs would share what worked for them. I wonder about the stability of veneer, can it go in the back pocket and hold up or does it need to be the kind carried around in a backpack or purse? I was planning on making quite a few.

My camera is out of alignment at the moment; recalibration didn’t work. It’s late so I will try again tomorrow. I think my problem is the printer head lens is showing burn or smoke marking and needs to be replaced. We have been watching for it to come back in stock. Do you have any idea when that might be? I think that may be why the recalibration failed tonight.

I’m also out of medium draftboard (and Glowforge store is out too) so having to use the one sheet of basswood which I think is more expensive to run the test.

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