Catalog item by Silver Lining Design Co (your company name is misspelled!)

I really like the Creepy Haunted House Dangle Earrings by Silver Lining Design Co. Don’t know how to contact them…but on THIS design their company name is spelled wrong so it won’t come up with their other items if you spell the name right (It is missing the “L” in Silver).

I didn’t know how to contact them to let them know. Can someone get a message to them so they can correct it? Thank you

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I think Support has to fix it, and they don’t monitor the forum.


I was hoping by chance the artist would see this but didn’t know their name. I went ahead and put in a ticket.


Google didn’t find their main site?

I saw a few results, not sure if they’re all the same people. I didn’t have time to dig.


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