Catalog items and Dashboard Design Folders

I subscribed to Premium a while back and have be dowloading the designs. My Dashboard is getting really messy due to the all the Designs that come in as part of a Catalog purchase. When a design comes down with multiple files they should really be grouped together in a Design Folder. I buy one item and get 6 entries in my Dashboard! Needless to say it is getting difficult to find things in the Dashboard. The search function that has been implements is a help but folders would provide organization.

You might also consider allowing personal designs to be put in folders and let a folder be designated as archival - i.e. compressed for designs or mods to catalog items that need to be kept for a period of time.


@robertl184 I completely agree! I hope someone at GlowForge is listening.


Thanks for the suggestions! We are listening on this end, and I’ll make sure the team gets this fabulous idea for your dashboard. Let us know any other great ideas!