Catalog of Free Laser Designs through 2020

I hope it okay to post this, if not please remove. I have cataloged all the Free Laser Designs into an excel spreadsheet. I seem to spend a lot of time, scrolling then forget where I was. I thought it might be really helpful especially to newbies. It’s in alphabetical order. So sorry if I happened to miss something. I left the Topic names so as you scroll, you should be able to do a search by the name and find the file.Free Laser Designs through 2020.xlsx (40.2 KB)
Happy New Year!!


So all I see are the names, were there links in there too? I don’t own excel so my experience might be janky.

Oh my goodness! What an undertaking! Thanks for sharing the list, and I hope you have a great New Year too! :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry, no links, you would just use the name of the file to do a search in the forum…i didn’t even think about links!


I tried bookmarking but then there were so many it became overwhelming. Thanks for undertaking this. I have also downloaded most that I wanted but of course, you forget what you have. This is a great resource.

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Awesome, thanks!

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This is what a web crawler is good for. It is theoretically possible to get every single post and its url in one shot with a little work.

Wow, thanks! That is a lot of effort. So many great free files… so little time!

Great Idea!

I took the liberty of moving this into a Google Sheet:

Which any of you can edit. I added columns for links, author, date, and image.

If folks want to contribute, we could collaborate on fleshing this all out, as well as adding new things as they come through on the forum.



Wow, amazing thank you so much.

I LOVE Excell. I used a few tricks I picked up over time. I added a column called Test Links.

There is also a hidden column that is a copy of the name Colum but replaced all the spaces with a “-” then I hacked together a URL that seems to work in most of my testing. Tried a hand full.

Steps to complete:

  1. New Tab for Testing
  2. Copied the name column to new sheet
  3. Duplicated the name column
  4. In the Duplicate name column did replace all of space to “-”
  5. In the Duplicate name column did a replace of double “-” to single “-” (had to run that a few times)
  6. Did a concatenation of the text from the start of the URL, the new Name Colum, closing “/”
  7. Went through and deleted the ones that did not translate well
  8. Tested a hand full to see if it was working
  9. Copied the columns over to the main sheet and hid the new name column

Test some and see if it works for you.

Edit: did this all on the google doc.


Holy moly…pictures, links, dates. Oh my!

So very cool of @jestelle and @rvogt (and everyone else who participates in this project)!


A lot of free files have also been posted in Made on a Glowforge over the years…they might be a little harder to ferret out, though.

Made some more updates to the automatic links.

  • Removed ’
  • Removed ,
  • Converted . to -


Removed :
Removed (
Removed )

Let me know if you find any other broken links. I will troubleshoot and fix.


@Thumper369 and @jestelle thanks for the additional improvements :slight_smile:. When I come across ones in the Made on a Glowforge category @geek2nurse mentioned, I’ll try to add those in.


I’ve filled out just my contributions. Boy, I have been busy…
Search terms to find yours:
@arh2 #free-laser-designs in:first
replace ‘arh2’ with your username.


@jestelle and @rvogt - you two are amazing. Thank you so much, and I’ll be helping to add to this list!


I added the metadata for my entries.


Whoa, this is awesome!

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A lot of effort put forth here! Thank you @jestelle and @rvogt !!!

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