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Hey Everyone,

I was wondering if it the Catalog exists yet and if so if it would be possible to view it before my Glowforge comes. This would be very helpful for planning my projects once I have it.



No catalog, they are just trying to get us all our GFs. -Rich


We have seen very little new content from @madebynick in the last little while.
That makes me think he has been working on design catalog items, and that it will be accessible and have a good variety of good designs available from the get-go.

If it was my company, I would want the catalog to be part of every beginners workflow from the very start, so that people get used to the idea of starting with a purchased design. If it lags too far behind the machine, fewer people will use and need it. If it is available for people to browse without owning a GF, it could spur people to buy, the way that looking through thingiverse makes people want a 3D printer.

In fact, I would imagine that there are plenty of folks with 3D printers who thought initially that they would design their own stuff, but who have ended up purchasing plans for most of what they make… and I would think that the same will be true for the Glowforge/Design catalog… but only if it has enough, good designs.

The first impression of the design catalog is going to make it or break it for some folks.


I so can’t wait for the catalogue!


One of the pre-releasers said this just like today.


I think your exactly right that a delay between having a glowforge and being able to access the catalogue will drive people to look elsewhere. Either to design their own projects or just buy designs elsewhere. There’s no lack of designs for sale in the wild.

And I think you’re exactly right about the catalogue needing to be good right off the bat. I’m sure that’s what glowforge is aiming for, but if the designs don’t appeal to you, and find a better source for designs that do, you aren’t going to go back 6 months or a year later to see if the catalogue has improved. It doesn’t even have to be bad. Just not enough designs or not enough of the right kind of designs. And I think that’s a harder thing than it sounds. Just the interests on the forum alone are really varied, and that’s just a small, likely-non-representative part of owners. I’m interested to see which direction the catalogue goes.


I have been pleased with the variety of items that the Glowforge team has shown us so far. I can only believe that the catalog will have lots of really nice projects to choose from. :grin:


But then he went on to say that is wasn’t ‘the’ catalogue but some files that were included with the beta GFs.


I am personally hoping that some of those catalog files include “blank templates” so those of us who are more artistically bent and less mechanically bent can just throw art work on the templates and hit print. :smiley:


I can’t wait for the catalogue either, I too have lots of plans for it and it seems like a great place to share everyone’s creations! Super stoked! :smiley:


Just out of curiosity, what would the “blank template” consist of in your mind? We’ve seen you can put art on the bed and scan it or you can trace it with material positioned below it. I’m not sure if you’re looking for Photoshop or illustrator (or other programs) where you can import a file then run macros for prep and export, etc.
Maybe I’m way overthinking this since I’ve been thinking of making myself Photoshop templates that would use layering to assign colors for engrave, cut, score, etc. to help organize how I approach making files ready “to feel the burn” :grinning:
FWIW I’m not very artistic but I do have my delusions of adequacy when it comes to aesthetics. DNA was probably correct in his assertion that those matters are much too important and should never be left to engineers.


Examples of blank templates I want…

1: The candle holder. I want to be able to either do 2 passes, one for the art I drew on the material and a second for the candle holder template it’s self, OR I want a blank template that I can import into Inkscape or Illustrator and update the inside of that template with my art and then do a single pass print.

2: iPhone and iMac templates. In the video they show doing engraving on an apple laptop. While I’m sure they will provide some nice engraving options for those laptops I’m wanting to develop my own and not have to worry about figuring out the dimensions needed since someone else has already done it.

Essentially, I want a frame that i can put my designs into and know that it will just work with out having to go through the trial and error phase. I have no issue going through all the testing needed to get the RIGHT design just how I want it, however having proven and tested templates available will make that process soooo much quicker.


Don’t forget @dan bonus due to the delays:

“First, you probably watched the video on before making your decision to buy. There, you saw some of our earliest designs that are headed for the store. We plan to release most of those designs for the catalog slowly over the course of the coming year. When we do, we’re going to give you every design from the video that’s in the catalog, for free. Yes, even the ginormous dollhouse and dual counter-rotating rubberband gatling gun drone. We’re even going to try and get the license for the Catan board for everyone.”

There should be plenty of designs to get us all started. :relaxed:


I have an assumption that is based on the maker-faire sample/trace-engrave items.

I assume that the designs the catalog are set up in layers, and that decorative (engraved) sections would be on a separate layer than structural (cut) sections. Based on this initial assumption, I also assume that we could decide to turn off an engrave layer that we did not want, and/or add an additional engrave layer.

If these assumptions are correct, than most (if not all) catalog designs would be customizable with your own art.

  • these assumptions may not be correct.

That would be nice and interesting to see. I have no problem doing the hard work myself, but sometimes it’s nice to have a starting point.


sorry if this question has already been answered but I just made a purchase from the catalog but I don’t see my design when clicking the ‘open my design’ link.

If you go back to your Dashboard it should show up there. (You might need to scroll down using the “Show More” button at the bottom.)

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If that doesn’t help, please start a new topic with a screenshot (support doesn’t see it when you post a new answer to an old topic). I’ll close this one so it doesn’t happen again.