Catan board test all with Baltic birch



I love the different colored hardwood Catan boards but I really didn’t want to track down all those exotic woods so I tried a test with just Baltic Birch and then stained it a couple different colors and I think since it’s so light,

I can make a nice colorful board without having to go through all the different hardwoods


Looks good. :slightly_smiling_face:


Great idea. Post pictures as you progress through the board build.


That grey is particularly nice, well done! Keep us updated on your progress.


Nice. What stain do you like?


Nice Job! Do you mind sharing where you source your baltic birch from? I’m having a hard time finding some. By the way I really like the grey stain!


I have bought a pile of RowMark’s “ColorShop” plywood and it’s really nice… Good colors, and there’s a Proofgrade like satin finish on it. But at $15/sheet, it is expensive. If there was an easy way to turn a cheap sheet of BB into a nice, colored, finished sheet I would love to know about it… but as far as I can see, you are committed to multiple coats with sanding steps. And I just don’t like woodworking enough to set up that assembly line.

Is there any magical product I can paint on to BB, let dry, sand once, and have a high quality colored/sealed piece to work with? One step, that I can do.


Wood workers supply they have 1/8 and 1/4. There is one 2 miles from my work but they do deliver. They full sheets of Birch that I have them cut to 12 x 20


Are you referring to colored ply or plain?
And I can’t find any plywood at all on


whoops my bad - wood workers source


there are also tons of people Etsy like this that sell precut birch that fits the Glowforge


Here is my second test print with a deeper engrave

800 full
800 / 70
150 full 3 cut pass 1/4 inch Birch


I sand, paint with a wash of watered down acrylic paint ('way more water than paint), let it dry, and coat with spray lacquer. It’s more than one step, but super easy, and you can get pretty much any color you want.


how much time did each tile take roughly?


Each tile was 30 minutes


i am going to use straight up colored stain


Printing the timber tiles
I add a paper coating on both sides to make the final print more clean


finished timber pieces stained with varathane dark walnut.


I’m leaving the sheep natural since the sheep are white.


Wheat pieces. I’ll stained them Yellow later