Catan board test all with Baltic birch



Numbers completed


FYI, I got griped at for making the markings for roll frequencies too hard to see on the ones I made, so you might get dinged for not having them altogether. :wink:


What are roll frequencies arnt those the little numbers i. Printed in the middle circles


They indicate how frequently a number comes up when you roll the dice, which figures in to deciding where to place your roads and towns. I used little stars around the edges to show them, after learning of their necessity. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I did not like the numbers so i redid them with the dots and letters on the back. This would be a great application for some sandwiched acrylic with a color in the middle where you engrave away the top layer to reveal the under color


Looks pretty good on the board


Oh, yes! I like the touch of blue with all the woodgrains. :slight_smile: You’re making me want to do another Catan set!


I switched to acrylic for the numbers. I think it looks clraner


After some stain


I like them all, but the sheep are particularly amazing!


I varnished the tops and started printing out the borders



Looks perfect. Colors are great.




Absolutely amazing.


The border pieces were purchased off of Etsy (the svg) I’ll find the link and post it. Be aware that the single jigsaw pieces have to be upsized by exactly 6% to fit the glowforge Catan pieces