Requisite Catan Board


I think the Catan posts are plentiful enough to merit their own category at this point…nevertheless, here is one more.

The desert, numbers, and edge pieces are PG basswood; the rest were cut from colored birch from The Wood Gallery. The “robber” is PG walnut sandwiched in PG basswood.

I did some fiddling with the files, so most of the pieces aren’t engraved/etched exactly as laid out in the original Glowforge version.

The towns, settlements, and roads are cut from PG acrylic. Towns and settlements are 3 layers welded together, and the roads have black acrylic paint rubbed into the scorelines.

The design for the edge pieces was purchased from EttuArtem on Etsy. I painted them using acrylic paints.

I’m looking forward to trying it out once the 60th anniversary festivities are over with. :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: Here’s the post containing the files for the parts I designed: Catan Parts


I will attest that it’s a thing of beauty… The color details on the edges are exquisite!


Also, I’m happy to post the files for the numbers, towns, settlements, roads, robber, and VP tokens if anyone wants them. I’d do it now, but my laptop is ‘way over there next to my suitcase and I haven’t finished my coffee yet!


Very cool. Love the colors.


Oh wow! One of the top boards I’ve seen (of course, considering the source). Really like that aquatic design.


Very nice! Colors are great :sunglasses: I agree, the detail in the water is wonderful!
Enjoy the occasion!


Awesome! I’m going to use your picture as a starting point for painting the set I did!

I’d love the files for the other pieces, I’ve been working on creating my own but I like your’s better :star_struck:



this looks great. you’re really encouraging me to spend some money at wood gallery…


:heart_eyes: you did an amazing job on this!!! I love the texture of it and the settlements are adorable…lol


Beautiful! Love the water! This is on my “to-do” list, although, I’ve never played. All the woods are so enticing!


I will confess to having learned to play primarily to have an excuse to build this. But my granddaughter (who learned it with me) LOVES the game, so it will get lots of use. :slight_smile:


Life is all about the grandchildren! That’s great!

I confess I bought many different woods to make this prior to receiving the glowforge … Just life and other projects get in the way.