Caution: Dirty Pictures....or...How I Cleaned the Exhaust Fan 🤔


Anyone try trained hamsters wrapped in microfiber jumpsuits? :thinking: Jules - what do you think caused most of the “buildup” wood? acrylic? leather? or just all 3…? (tile? paper?cardboard? bologna?..)



That just made my day.


Fairly sure it was the bologna. (Or maybe the plywood. But probably the bologna…it wasn’t Oscar Mayer.)


Worked like a charm, thanks!


I went off to a reunion … and you stayed home and worked! Thank you so much for the write-up and photos! Just can’t wait to give this a go! :thinking:

Well, I may not be truly excited … but, I do feel better equipped to handle the job now!


Sounds like fun…hope you guys had a good time! :smile:


Having worked on computers since 1980, I disagree. too much gunk built up on transistors, capacitors, etc. can cause over-heating. Nothing so eerie as seeing one of those little can caps pop…

Not likely to happen here, but definately wish this fan/control stuff was a slide in/out module… hey glowforge design team? for v2… @dan … MODULAR!


You’ve got 6 years on me, so I guess I’ll have to concede. In all my computer-fixing days, though, I never saw dust/dirt hurt one except in moving parts. :wink:


Impressive! We use those bag sealers all the time, so I gues I am going to have to go instead with some surplus 3D printer filament. (I have a bunch of 3mm, but no currently operating printer with a 3mm extruder)


1/2 of power supply failures are related to NO F*kin maintenance. So much dust and dog hair/cat hair, etc.

I changed one out for a guy who had 2 dogs, and also smoked 2 packs of cigarettes per day sitting next to his computer. He’d go through a powersupply every 9-18 months!


By the way Tim, that picture made me squeeeee! :smile::squeeee::hedgie:


I’m pretty sure that was the “before” photo. :slight_smile:


You know, if I’d taken the time to knit a little sweater for my pet hamster, I might be a little reluctant to send him into the Glowie for cleaning. :rofl:


You and your dirty pictures @jules :flushed::joy:


One time I went to work on a friend’s PC because it kept shutting down after a couple minutes use regardless of program running.

His heatsink fins on the CPU were so tightly packed with crud I had to chisel them clean. It quit overheating afterwards :slight_smile:


True, heatsinks are a non-moving exception I wasn’t thinking of… in the photo that triggered my response I was looking more at the wires and board-level components and remembering how repeated unnecessary cleaning can sometimes cause things to come loose that shouldn’t. :wink:


It’s the only exception I could think of too.


Not sure why this memory was triggered, but I made a woman really mad at me one time…she had brought her computer to me for a RAM upgrade, and it was back in the days of 8-bit processors with rows and rows of DIP sockets. After I spent a half hour tediously inserting oodles of DIP chips, I checked all the pins one last time and then said “smoke test!” as I reached for the power switch. For some reason she took great exception to my saying that. (Fortunately there was no smoke.) No sense of humor, some folks!


That’s funny. I used to annoy all of the electrical engineers (and computer folks) using the term “smoke test” every time I powered up a new or newly repaired computer or piece of equipment. As a mechanical guy that seems like the best test to me :smiley:

I still use that term instead of IPO (Initial Power On) for spacecraft


Hear hear !!!