Caution: Dirty Pictures....or...How I Cleaned the Exhaust Fan 🤔


Recently I had an old computer that I wanted to reuse for an old vinyl cutter, I cracked it open to clean and found a dead cricket! Lol.


Aw c’mon guys…doesn’t anybody but me like a challenge? :smile:


I wish that were the worst thing I’ve found inside someone’s computer.


We had an old stereo system we bought while living in married student housing at Texas A&M (where they were so overrun with roaches that all the local pest control companies went there to test their methods). Somehow a roach managed to crawl into the tuning bar that ran the length of the front and die, and forever after when you wanted to change the radio station, the dead cockroach would skitter back and forth with the indicator… :scream:


I spent a summer at Texas A&M and (my apologies to anyone who loves it there) that is pretty much my own personal version of hell. So many little critters everywhere. And the heat! Ugh. I had gone to spend the summer with my boyfriend (who had also decided to act like an ass, so there’s that). Oh, and the AC on his black car was broken. Roaches are one of the few things that really freak me out. I would never have touched that stereo again.


Yeah, Texas likes to try to kill you. Heat, flash floods, biting things, stinging things, venomous snakes…not quite Australia, I guess, but bad enough! 2 years ago I came home with Rocky Mountain spotted fever, THAT was fun. (Not!)

This year I had to brave the July temperatures for my parents’ 60th, but when I have a choice I try to mostly only go when it’s not quite so blazing hot – late March / early April is my favorite time; great temperatures and wildflowers everywhere. :slight_smile:


We get most of what Texas gets plus tornados and earthquakes… I hate bugs…my son was spending the night at his dad’s and I get a call at 1am saying he wanted to come because his dad’s apt had bedbugs… :angry: Dad didn’t want to drive him all the 20 mins home so he slept on the couch downstairs but apparently the couch had them too…

Dad dropped him off at my office today and I fumigated him, my son, not his Dad…lmao
His bag will be spending the night outside in a trash bag and clothes are going into the hot washer when we get home…


Ugh, now you’ll be feeling things crawling on you for days. :grimacing:


I took a Q-tip to one fin and decided it wasn’t dirty enough yet for that hassle. Sorry.


:smile: I’d say that’s good.


Like exercise, you have to start slowly…don’t you?


Oh, NO. Bed bugs are AWFUL. Burn it all down.

I’m in Massachusetts. We have snow and ice, but other than being annoying, it’s typically not so bad. If something is going to kill you here, it’s more likely to be a bad (or angry) driver.


Wasn’t there an old story at one time that a certain amount of smoke was built into every appliance just waiting to be released?


They can be anywhere, all they need is a start. I had a friend come over and sat on the bed while I showed him something on the computer. The next morning I had a bunch of bites. I tracked the culprit down and killed it but if there had been two of them it would have been a major disaster.


That’s British autos :slightly_smiling_face: Lucas Electrics are famous for letting the magic smoke leak out leaving the car stranded.


This thread is making me itchy.


Ok… I didn’t read every line, but I read most.

Just out of curiosity, is there something blocking the access to the fan blades from the outside? Can’t you just use a q tip and reach the inside of the blade thru the fan blades? Use the camera to see it?

I don’t remember what it looks like…


Yeah, there’s a finger guard that prevents getting to the front side of the fan from behind. :slightly_smiling_face:


Good thing… you don’t want blood stains from chopped fingers on your project LOL


Well… Halloween is coming soon … :skull: