Cell Phone Jail

I’d love it if someone already created something like this and I could find the pattern. It’s a little mail for cell phones. I have 3mm Cell Phone Jail Lock Box

It reminds me of some of the lanterns I have made with a hinged door. But what appeals to me with this product is the ability to lock it.

I’m planning an escape room for my students. I could have them call an extra phone I have and it could light up in the cage.

Thanks for the ideas!


@CMadok didn’t you make one of these once?


Looks like a pretty simple construction to me. You should attempt to design your own.


Here’s a few that might work with modification…

Nothing off the shelf though!

From Etsy there’s some where you have to provide your own lock

or since you mentioned an escape room you could get really fancy!


Ooh - this one just came up because someone commented. It’s designed for dice, but I bet you could make it bigger fairly easily…

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Thank you!!

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