Celtic Keypattern

Many years ago, I hand cut a Celtic keypattern stencil to do some paste-resist textile dyeing. As I recall, it took several hours.


I recreated (approximately) the same design as vector art last night and, cut a draft out of plain cover stock on the machine today.

I’m really happy with how it came out. The new seklema mat was very helpful in keeping the bits in place until the end.


Very nice design! (The Glowforge is made for such projects!) :grinning:


Very nice, I have a fondness for anything Celtic!


Oh, lovely! And I’m guessing it didn’t take several hours this time. :wink:

Correct! A mere 26 minutes.

Could probably be done in less but, I’ve got low-and-slow settings figured out for that stock that shows almost no burn-through (Hammermill 100lb cover, .028” thick, 200 / 13 1 pass, if you are curious).


Thanks for sharing cause I’m waiting on my pro and I do most of my work in pearlescent metallic card stock and i’ve been looking for help in settings on card stock so that I wouldn’t get any char with the settings at all so that when I start working on my pro I have some settings to start with. Again thanks for posting

That’s for a very plain cover stock. I use pearlescent metallic stuff for some of my pop up cards. I have cut a few cards from CorendonS Stardream 105lb cover using slightly more power – .035” thick 200 / 17 1 pass. I am using slightly less than half power for scoring on both stocks.

A small single object with some narrow parts seems to work well for testing settings. I am using a little spiral but, a star would work nicely, too. I try something, move it a little down the test sheet, try again, etc. I have been going for “low and slow.” It’s possible there are good settings at the “high and fast” end, too. I’m just getting started playing with it.

Anyway, I hope that helps and, I hope you get your Pro soon!


jonny_firebrand Had posted on the kindergarten card stock sign some good settings too. And thank you for your info