Celtic Art Bookmarks

While it will end up in other projects eventually, I wanted to do something more fun with the Celtic keypattern design than a test sheet. So, I turned it into a bookmark.

I also created a new triskelion spiral design over the weekend and, adapted it as a bookmark.

I found faster cutting settings that work well with the 105lb cover I’m using (from CarendonS/Neenah), 500 / 72.


Very nice! Love the Celtic keys! :grinning:

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Nice work. I’m excited to get into some paper work as well. Been so enamored with thousands of ideas in wood and leather…

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Love the design and the execution! Also just amazed at how thin these cuts can get and how fragile stuff can look, but everything still holds :astonished::smiley:

For sure!

The spirals did require a second round of adaptation. The breaks I added to the long tails forming the outer circles was originally too narrow and, burnt away completely. More a function of the angles and direction of the cuts, though I think. There are other bits of the designs that are narrower strips of paper.

I haven’t played with trying to control the direction of cuts, yet. A lot of the CNC craft machines cut based (partly) on vector node order. I’m not sure if the Glowforge does or not. It should be less relevant because the laser does not use physical pressure like a knife blade but, it might be useful to reduce the dwell time on a specific spot like that.


The Glowforge does:


Excellent. Thanks! That is exactly what I meant. I was going to play with it and, report back. Now, I don’t have to. :grinning:

I love celtic designs so much. these are great

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Very nice! Need to put bookmarks on my to do list.

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